Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Features

Reliable solutions in blockchain technology from our proficient experts for a wide range of applications.

Fund Management

The integrated wallet platform will manage all cryptocurrency transactions in an automated way. The users of the platform can either control fiat-currency automatically or manually with our unique processing features and interface with banks.

Wallet Integration

Our cryptocurrency exchange will enable you to store multi-currency wallets for the easy transactions and storage. Multisignature wallets will provide enhanced security. Your crypto-funds can be transferred to hard wallet, cold wallet or paper wallet

All Currency Transactions

You can integrate any currency in the Qrypto Exchange Software. Any cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin or any fiat-currency like US Dollars, Indian INR can be embedded into the exchange.

Exchange Platform

The Crypto Exchange platform is highly user-friendly allowing the users to register their account and start trading instantly.

Any Language

Our exchange will support multiple languages such as Arabic, Mandarin, Russian etc. All these could be integrated as multiple languages into the system.

Payment Gateway Integration

The platform will be integrated into a payment gateway, allowing the users to buy and sell using fiat currencies via credit cards, debit cards, and other payment systems.

Order Matching

Automated trade engine that matches orders between buyers and sellers instantly.

Customizable Theme

The platform will allow users to customize the theme and logo of the exchange software

Trading Bot

The platform provides the functionality to have trading bot for successfully carrying out transactions.

Coins From Us

We have expertise with the following crypto coins. Any other coin can be integrated as per specifications.

  • Bitcoin
  • Ripple
  • LiteCoin
  • Ethereum

Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Pricing

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